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    BMC Patrol Log Monitoring/ BMC Monitoring Studio

    Rahul Goyal
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      Hi All,


      Patrol triggers alert if it finds some strings in sybase
      errorlog which are part of Patrol Inclusion list. (below list)


      For Ex:

      --Patrol Inclusion List:

      Search Identifier  :

      0   Search String 1  
      has no valid licence and therefore is not initialised\|Configuration parameter
      'enable DTM' can not be enabled without license\|Rep Agent Thread for database
      .* terminated abnormally with error


      Search Identifier  :

      0   Search String 1    severity\|unmirror\|mirror
      exit\|not enough\|suspect\|correct\|allow\|problem\|unable\|not
      found\|[Tt]hreshold\|couldn\|not valid\|NO_LOG\|logsegment\|syslogs\|SySAM:
      Checked out support-graced license


      But unfortunately, deadlock queries also contains some of
      the above strings (fully or partially) and this is causing Patrol to trigger
      alerts which are not at all required, Here Patrol is working as expected. But
      we don’t need these alerts to be triggered.



      We are looking for some work around here to suppress these

      We could see similar pattern for all deadlocks, like below.

      All deadlocks starts with - server  Deadlock Id and ends with End of deadlock information

      Please let me know how to exclude the string from above requirement in Log monitoring or if we can achieve through Monitoring Studio KM