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    Unable to Create and fill data in Phone field? in FP 12.1.9

    abdallah hamaydeh



      we are following the below but still, we need some help to get the correct link!





      To configure a telephony solution to create tickets

      1. Configure your telephony solution to open a web browser on the appropriate agent's PC using the following URL: http://<your_footPrints_domain_name>/application.html#runtimecontainer/createticket/workspace/<workspace_id>?<Phone>=732-555-1112 Where:
        • your_footPrints_domain_name is the Base URL of the application, as configured in the System Settings > Server Configuration screen.
        • workspace_id is the internal ID of the workspace where the ticket will be created. The ID can be obtained from URL when creating new ticket on the Home tab of the application (Click Actions > New > <Workspace/Ticket>).
          Example: In the following URL, "10739" is the workspace_id: http://server_name:8080/footprints/servicedesk/application.html#runtimecontainer/create/workspace/10739/)
        • Phone is used by FootPrints to look up the contact information. This can be one or multiple fields in the address book. The field name passed in the URL must be the same as the field name configured in FootPrints.
      2. To pass more than one field for contact lookup, add each name/value pair to the end of the URL, separating the fields with ampersands (&).For example, ?Phone=732-555-1112&First Name=John&Last Name=Smith.  Search only returns the record if all of the fields passed in the URL match the contact record.