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    Asset workinfo records - bulk updates?

    Igor Smrdelj
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      I'm using  DataManagement Job console tool to perform various bulk updates of CMDB/Asset records.  I have an issue with  OOB Transactional_Asset template (xlsm, job/transformation, workflow...). When trying to load Asset workinfo for specific records (the third tab - AST load worklog)  -  update is working correct,  only if CI_Name field values in CMBD are unique.  Unfortunately,  I have  some CMDB Classes/Data,  where  a lot of different records have the same CI_Name value (we are using AssetID to identify them)  

      There is a column is xlsm,  where you can put  CI Reconciliation ID values (which are unique), but the problem is  that Transformation/JOB  (workflow from AST:Loadworklog -> AST:worklog) is looking only by CI names (and not using ReconID values), so imported workinfo records are not correct for specific Asset.    It's strange for me, because on the other hand - Asset people relations (first tab) is working  just OK. (also with ReconID-s). 

      Can somebody help me with some suggestion ?