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    Help please - incident costings

    Steve Mitchell

      Good afternoon,


      Friday afternoon and my brain is fried.


      I've gotten as far as I can by trial and error - and now I know I need a mortar round under me to jump to the next level.



      Problem - in one view for one golden report everything about Major Incidents (details, problem actions arising, applications & business functions impacted and ... cost):


      Tying "Major Incident (HPD:IncidentInterface)" to "Major Incident closing summary (HPD:Worklog)"


      Tying "Major Incident (HPD:IncidentInterface)" to "HPD Associations (links to other things)"


      Tying "HPD Associations" to "AST:BaseElement (Application impacted & Business Function Impacted)"

      Tying "HPD Associations" to "PBM:Problem Investigation (Major Incident link Problem investigation)"


      Tying "PBM:Problem Investigation (Major Incident link Problem investigation)" to "PBM:Investigation Associations (INC/REQ to make sure the Major Incident won't happen again)"


      This all works amazingly with me knowing nothing about SQL. Go figure.



      What is busting my chops...... How the #*(^&$%#$ do a find the Incident costings?


      Tried to link "HPD:IncidentInterface or HPD Associations" ... to ..."BMC.CORE:BMC_Cost / +_" or "FIN:Associations + FIN:Costs". I don't know what I'm doing as you can probably tell.


      1) What is the table logic to get the financial costs of the incident? What do I need to link to what?

      2) How are you meant to find these relationships in a consistent easy manner in the real world when this isn't your day job?




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          Marie Johnson



          not to distract from what you’re doing but have you looked at the off the shelf flashboards?  There’s one there for the cost of handling an incident. 



          how Are you wanting to do the costing? 

          im not sure if you have fixed or variable costs on assets, groups, levels of support, OR

          maybe you want to look at the business hours spent on all tasks, incidents, problems, changes and activities associated. OR

          maybe you have SLAs or OLAs or Underpinning contracts that have penalties and rewards, needing to be calculated based on business hours “in process“ or “assigned” OR

          maybe you want an average of all tickets or an average by group OR

          cost of all parts and labor for the incident OR

          cost of the outage based on sev and impact


          so again what is it you’re looking to calculate?

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            Steve Mitchell

            Good morning,


            Thanks for that suggestion. Awesome - a new area of Remedy to spend 3 months trying to come up to speed. Failed on step one:

            1. From the Application Settings list, choose ROI Console > Configuration > ROI Administration Console.

            Most likely don't have the correct rights. I'll log it with our support team. But may take a while, low attractiveness ticket for them to give me more rights. I'll play more when I have access.




            I've already done the Major Incident costing calculation out of system manually and have recorded it in the Financials of the Incident. I'm just trying to find the tables to link the view. I know there is a schema around somewhere in the documentation that might give me a clue (I have the CMDB poster schema which has been helpful when dealing with the asset side of things - but can't find the more generic INC/PBI/Financial schema).


            It's creating the view and linking the tables to get the data below to appear in the smart report:


            "HPD:IncidentInterface or HPD Associations" ... to ..."BMC.CORE:BMC_Cost / +_" or "FIN:Associations + FIN:Costs". I don't know the table relationships to link it.


            Screen Shot 2019-03-25 at 11.20.11 am.png