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    Moving FootPrints Installation to a New Server

    Dale Stone

      Due to the EOL support, in January, of MS Server OS 2008R2 we need to move our FootPrints installation (v11.6.10) to an MS Server 2016 OS installation. This does NOT involve any move of the database but only the FP installation. Does anyone have any recommendations for the best method to move the complete installation to a new server? Is there any data loss such as attachment links or ticket history? I have tried to engage BMC Support but they are not making me feel like that have any experience with this. Thanks

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          Nicolas Roome

          BMC has some knowledge articles on doing this. If you feel BMC's lack of experience on v11.. it's probably somewhat true. Many of their current support staff came in after v11 was already deprecated. They've done a really good job picking up the v12+ and have helped me on v11 as well.


          You should really consider your v12+ move strategy

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            Dale Stone

            Thanks Nicolas. So the first document they sent me was for moving individual workspaces which stated not to use it for moving a complete installation. The second document they sent was a file called 1.txt (not an official support document) which outlined using the migration tool. I know that the tool can not migrate the attachment folder, as I have used it for refreshing our test servers, and that all links to attachments are lost. They did not answer my specific questions about data loss and only attached these documents so I thought I would try this forum. I know we should consider upgrading to v12+ but we will not be ready by January so that necessitates the move at this point.

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              Paul Tipping

              Hi Dale,


              The easiest way is to follow the steps in this KB article:  Just need to follow Section 1 as you are not moving the db


              KnowledgeArticle - BMC


              There should not be a loss of any data.


              I would always advise to backup the database and file structure before attempting the process.

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                Dale Stone

                Thanks Paul. That was exactly what I was looking for. Support was not of any help to me on this and they did not provide me with this procedure. We will try it out on one of our test servers to see how it goes. Thanks again

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                  Eric Liszt

                  Hi Dale Stone...  Glad to see you got the help you need.   Just one quick FYI....  Paul Tipping *is* part of BMC Support.  :-)


                  @Paul, thanks for reaching out to help.

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                    Dale Stone

                    Thanks for the clarification Eric but I guess what I mean is that going directly through the BMC Support channels (not community) was not very helpful and frankly hasn't been since the new support model has been implemented in the last year or so. That is why I turned to the community for assistance. Paul has been very helpful over the years with his responses in the user community but I have never worked with him directly when contacting BMC Support.

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                      Eric Liszt

                      Hi Dale,


                      Early last year, the team went through a dramatic change and we brought on a lot of new people who needed to be trained up.  As such, there were some gaps between the service we were providing and the level of service we wanted to provide.


                      Since then we've put in a lot of work to improve our service. What I can tell you is that we watch the results from our support surveys very closely (for example, I read the comments on every single one without fail each week).  We also track the metrics that come out of them closely.  The numbers are telling...

                      While we still have work to do, I can share with you that as of the close of last quarter, customers scored us at the highest levels they've scored us in over two years (and that's just as far back as my report goes... it could be further).  And, as we are about to close out this quarter, I can tell you that the scores have gone up yet again and we are on track to set yet another record high.


                      I say all this not to claim victory, but just to assure you we are aware of the gaps we've had and that we are making measurable progress on improving.

                      I also want to encourage you to reach out to our Support Managers when you don't feel your getting the service you need.  In the signature line of the support agent's emails you'll find their contact information.    When we know we are missing the mark, we can make changes to improve not just that one situation, but the processes around it.