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    CI not get saved after input length get changed.

    Susmita Patil

      Create a new People Record whose Login ID exceeds 30 Characters

      Eg. abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz1234@bmc.com

      b. Provide Asset permissions to create an Inventory record

      c. Make the people record a Support Staff user and assign to any Support Company

      Eg. Calbro Services->IT Support ->Service Desk

      d. Login with the above created user to access Asset Console

      e. Go to Function > Manage CI and Select CI Type as System > Inventory Location and click Create

      f. Create a new Inventory Location and select the Support Owner as the above created People Record

      g. Save the Inventory Location.


      result:Error is received that the value does not fall within the limits .


      for this i changed the input length of the  ZLoginName from 30 to 50  on BMC.AM:BMC_InventoryStorage_ form


      but after this Ci can get saved whoes length exceeds 30 character.