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    Control-M quickstart sample error

    Justin Holbrook

      Trying to use the Control M quick start samples from github: https://github.com/controlm/automation-api-quickstarthttps://github.com/controlm/automation-api-quickstart


      I ran through the setup prereqs and was able to log in, but when I try to run "AutomationAPISampleFlow.json" I get



            "message": "Host Group can only contain characters A-Z, a-z, 0-9, and special characters - _ : .",

            "id": "Validation2862",

            "item": "Job: AutomationAPISampleFlow/CommandJob -> Host Group",

            "file": "AutomationAPISampleFlow.json",

            "line": 6,

            "col": 19



      Looking in the file I see a token for host:


      "Host" : "<HOST>",


      I tried using the ctm environment configure command to set host to the address of my workbench, but it did not resolve. Has anyone run into this? Any ideas how to resolve?