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    Has anyone a Patrolagent 11.3.01 running on SuSe 12 SP4 ?

    Frank Reimann

      Hi there


      We have some issues with the Patrolagent 11.3.01 running on SuSe 12 SP4 !

      After installing the Patrolagent from scratch and starting under a local user the Patrolagent is crashing after about 5 minutes.

      If we connect with a user wich is defined in META (LDAP) the Patrolagent ist crashing immediatly !


      So, my question is if anyone has running that Patrolagent on SuSe 12 SP4 with connection to META (LDAP) ???


      We allready opened a case for that by BMC and SuSe but stuck since a couple of days without a result.


      Any help is welcome :-)


      Best wishes.