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    Approval Notification - New Signature

    Raghavendra Mudagallu

      Hi All,


      There is a existing approval process configured for WOI:WorkOrder and has a Notification created for "New Signature" which has Notification Tag. We made it Inactive and created the other one and triggered the workorder. But system somehow captures the old Inactive Notification Tag but not the new one which is conigured.

      PFB snapshot:

      Process having active (new) and inactive (old) notification tags:

      Old Notification Basic Tab:

      Old Notification Details Tab:


      We tried to capture Approval Logs but it may or may not generate. if it generates then it doesn't shows the approval process and it's related details in the logs.


      Can you please help me in troubleshooting and fixing this issue.




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          Pallavi Hadavale

          When you create a notification in AP:Notification form, there is respective filter(AP:Notify-XXXX) gets created where XXXX is the Request ID of that record in the system.

          You can capture API/SQL/Filter logs to troubleshoot the issue and attach it here as well.


          Thanks and Regards,


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            Marie Johnson

            Out of the box Work Order does not have approvals.  You can create custom approvals and integrate that with Work Order.  BMC Software does provide a “waiting approval” and “rejected” status which look like this diagram srm_user_admin_7700_wiki-115-1.gif


            however  “Waiting approval” and “rejected” have no current workflow.


            To help you troubleshoot your custom process in communities will require far more understanding of what you are doing from start to finish.  As a quick check, your process name and notification name must be unique.  Since you redacted the text of the titles I have no clue what you’ve used for names or what else text wise may not fit.

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              Raghavendra Mudagallu

              Hi Pallavi,


              I found 2 custom workflows with these two notification methods. When we disabled the old method on the front end some how it failed to disable the filter on the backend.

              Thanks for the insights.

              I will check on the workflows by enabling the server logs.