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    Job files on agent directory

    Prasanna Natarajan

      Hello Team,


      Can anyone explain that when the job gets submitted, what are the files will be generated on agent and which folder.


      Is there any flow runtime, status, sysout and backup etc...,

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          Mark Francome

          By default the answer is simple, but rather complex with all the exceptions:


          1. The sysout is kept in the default location of $HOME/ctm/sysout (or the equivalent location on other Agents, e.g. Windows). For these sysout entries the equivalent meta-data - for displaying on the EM etc - is kept in $HOME/ctm/backup. If left like this then Control-M will automatically housekeep the old files (according to system setup).


          2. Exception - whoever creates the job def can use the Output Handling option to move/copy the output elsewhere or delete it. Files moved elsewhere should be checked for housekeeping (not automatically done).


          3. Remote Agents - these can be configured to handle output in various ways. See KnowledgeArticle - BMC for more details.


          4. Command Modules - these keep output in their own location (subject to the exception that it may be moved by the job creator) - e.g. on Windows by default C:\Program Files\BMC Software\CONTROLM-Agent\Default\CM\AFT\sysout and file transfer statistics data in C:\Program Files\BMC Software\Control-M Agent\Default\CM\AFT\stat


          There are possibly other locations, maybe others can advise.

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            Prasanna Natarajan

            Mark, Thank you for the details.


            What about the other directories runtime and status.

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              Mark Francome

              That kind of information lives in the database. Check out the RUNINFO_HISTORY table, this holds all the stats for jobs that have ended ok.