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    Looking for advice on raising tickets from Emails

    Paul Bastin

      Hi all,


      In our organization, the majority of users do not have people records on Remedy, nor does Remedy have any access to the active directory or anything like that.


      When an Email comes into the exchange mailbox configured in Remedy, it will raise a ticket using a people record that matches the Email address.


      Since the user isn't going to have a people record, the ticket won't be raised.


      The current solution I have is to use a workflow that changes the incoming Email address to a dummy one that matches a dummy people record. Is there any other solution anyone can think of besides this?


      Another issue is that we have customized our forms so that some fields that were optional out of the box are now mandatory and the Email parser doesn't populate these fields. Is there a smart way to populate these fields besides hardcoding them with workflow?


      Sorry if any of this doesn't make sense!