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    SyncUI creates AST-Forms with missing BMC-fields

    Jana Wittmann
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      Product Remedy Asset Management Application & AR System
      Version (Product)   9.1.02



      I have created a new regular CMDB class within custom namespace in the Class Mananger . It is a subclass of a custom abstract class. This abstract class in turn hangs directly on the BaseElement class.
      The new class has the status "Active" in Class Manager and has its own attributes. The corresponding Class Forms are visible in the Developer Studio and have been created correctly by the system, including the class-specific attributes.

      We have problems with the SyncUI for having a Form in BMC ITSM Asset Management.
      SnycUI did not want to generate the AST-Form for this class correctly. Fields such as 'z2PLH_MainFormPanelHolder', 'z2PL_Banner_Background' and 'z2PL_FormBody' are missing.
      This leads to errors in the workflow on the one hand (see Log-File like

      Checking ASI:SHR:EnablePanel_1000 (1000)
      <ACTL> -> Passed qualification -- perform if actions
      <ACTL> 0: Set Characteristics
      <ACTL> ***** No such field on schema
      <ACTL> Change field to visible
      <ACTL> 1: Run Process
      <ACTL> **** Failed
      <ACTL> Return Code: 0l

      ) and to the fact that the banner text appears with "Base Element" in field 'PageTitle_txt' instead of the class name ('Proper Name' in SHR:Schemanames is correct).
      All other AST-Forms, the BMC-standard and also the other custom ones (which are also generated via syncUI), have these fields.
      Further SyncUI runs no improvement. The CMDBSynchronizeUI.log do not show any errors; everything is well.