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    Electronic Forms - Ideas from the community

    Rob Farrington
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      FP Fam,


      I am throwing around the following idea and would like your feedback on 1) Is it possible, 2) Is it worth it, or 3) Don't do it/Can't be done.


      My customer has paper forms, around 10, that they would like placed into the Service Request Workspace for users to fill out and then fire off approval flows for managers to approve. They want these forms to be archived (no problem) and reported on (again, np). They want these new electronic forms to look somewhat like they do now, with fields that show who approved it and when at the bottom, which I believe I can do (please comment if tricky/bad/scary).


      What I was thinking to do, if possible, is to have these form category trees in the Service Request Workspace and have it then open up a "Form" in another Workspace to complete all of the "Form Fields" there.


      What do you guys think? Is opening a ticket from one Workspace to another a bad idea?


      Looking forward to all your responses.


      Rob Farrington