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    Reporting on Self Help Articles Viewed by Period

    John Wisdom
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      We need to report monthly and quarterly on the number of times specific self help articles are viewed in self service. It appears that currently there is no way to filter on date. You can only show the total number of times the article has been viewed.


      The above filter is tied to a numerical value and not a date value.


      Is anyone aware of a way that we can get this information?  Are the self help article views time stamped behind the scenes or is it just a straight counter?


      For example, today we can do this:

      What we want to be able to do is something like this:




      Thank you

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          Paul Donders

          Hi John Wisdom


          This is not that simple, as BMC doesn't track the update date, only that it's viewed,


          What you could do in to create a bunch of place holder fields and add 1 each time the 'viewed' field has changed per month, or per quarter.


          On the other hand BMC has an object 'BMCServiceDesk__KM_Knowledge_Article_Viewed__c' what implicated that the viewes are store, but no data is here. It could be an idea that BMC stores the name and date of the Viewed date here.

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