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    Need Guidance for Truesight Operations Management BCP Exam

    Amol Ramesh Borse
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      Dear All,


      I am planning to give Truesight operations management BCP certification exam. If anybody has completed BCP certification on truesight, please share your experience.




      Amol Borse

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          Andy Scholebo

          I'm interpreting that you are taking the exam.  If you are actually giving the exam, then I have no feedback for that.


          "BMC Certified Professional: BMC TrueSight Operations Management 10.x Online Proctored Exam" is based upon 10.7.  Ensure that you have that doc page bookmarked.


          I also recommend that you have the 9.6 documentation bookmarked too.  The 9.6 document isn't as fragmented as the TS document, which can make it easier to find material.  (Many 9.6 concepts translate to 10.7.)


          You can refer to online documentation while taking the test.


          Prior to the exam, familiarize yourself with a 10.7 environment, particularly the TSPS.  There were some questions regarding the menus, which would have taken very little time to answer if I had seen a 10.7 TSPS recently, but ended up taking much longer trying to dig up the info in the doc pages. 


          You cannot be connected to the VPN during the test.


          For your scheduled test time, ProctorU will verify that your video camera & microphone are working.  They will also temporarily control your laptop to close any unnecessary applications.  They want to ensure that you cannot take any notes, screenshots, etc.   They will also ask you to rotate the camera all around your work space, for the same reasons.


          Areas of the test include:

          Installation and Configuration


          Infrastructure Monitoring


          Service Modeling

          Event Management


          There are between 12-15 questions on each of the above topics.  Passing score is 70% or above.


          There is a countdown timer visible on the screen. There are 75 questions and 120 minutes to complete the exam.  Plan to spend no more than 1.5 minutes on each question.  You can skip questions and reattempt them later.   I recommend giving a temporary answer and marking them for later review rather than leaving them blank.  Toward the end of the test, my screen froze so I didn’t get the full 120 minutes to fill in the ones that I left blank. 


          I also took the exam after my normal working hours, set my phone on airplane mode, and had the family out of the house (I work from home).  The promise of ice cream apparently trumps the kids playing video games (loudly), watching YouTube(...loudly), and pestering Dad.


          It is a challenging exam.

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            Kiran Kumar Gembali

            Hi Amol,


            Have you completed the BCP..? If yes, please share your experience.

            I am planning to appear for BCP during next week.