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    SmartIT 18.08 we are not able to see the DWP Catalog Service Requests

    Marek Ceizel
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      Even when we followed the configuration instructions:



      and we checked also:



      BMC Digital Workplace service request is not found in Smart IT

      While searching BMC Digital Workplace Catalog service request in Smart IT, if you cannot find it in Smart IT, search the service request in the SBE:Request vendor form. If the service request is not available in the vendor form, that means that service request does not exist. Search by service request ID or by name. In the vendor form, % search does not work.


      Test connection failure in Digital Workplace service request

      In case of test connection failure in the SBE:ConnectionConfig form of ITSM, check the following log file to find out the failure reason:



      Both works OK. We checked also the permissions (in SB the Agent and in Remedy all the required permission for IT Agent)

      We are not able to see the Digital Workplace catalog Service Requests in Smart IT.


      Is there anything else to check ?

      Tony Chung, John Gallagher experts ?


      PS-I know SmartIT is in Group ITSM, but want to try here at first.


      thanks a lot