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    D2P - after DB backporting, all packages will be reinstalled, even if already installed on the server.

    Stefan Hall

      I have observed a strange behavior, do you know it and what do you do about it?



      Base: two environments (prod, qa), both version 18.08 and updated to patch 001 with D2P.

      Then I dumped the productive DB and imported it into the qa environment at DB level. Still quickly cleaned up all references and started the qa server and the problem with D2P started



      The QA server is recognized as a new server and registered in the AR Monitor. Afterwards D2P starts immediately, creates entries for this new server and patch 001 and updates files on the server at the first server start. D2P wants to install the patch 001 again !



      I remember that BMC wanted to add some kind of intelligence to one of the 18.xx versions to raise really new servers to the current patch level of the system. BUT my qa server here was not a new server and the patch level was identical. So a completely unnecessary action and with further hotfixes at file level - yes, they still exist from support - the result would even be wrong. The additional hotfixes would be deleted!


      That can't be intended. So, what did I miss or forget?


      Small trick, I don't want to call it workaround

      We had to manipulate the MonitorGUID before the QA server start, so that D2P thinks it recognized an existing productive server to stop the nonsense.Feels wrong, but helped.