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    Business Rules - what are the "seq_xxxxx" fields in Track-It! 2018?

    Ken Soszka
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      When creating an Assignment using a Business Rule (and other rules) I see the "seq_xxxxx" fields in the list of fields. What does that mean?


      Also, is that top line correct for creating an assignment, using the {ACTIONRESULT,1}?


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          Rosemary Lieberman

          1. Those are the foreign keys to other tables.  Every table has a Seqquence field that is it's primary key (some are renamed like Incident # in the view).


          So, if you see Seq_XXX it is the field that holds the value of the related record.




          Seq_Department would hold the value of the record that is linked to department.


          Say in the Department table you have three records, with a Sequence of 1001, 1002, and 1003 and are equal to IT, HR, Finance respectively.  If the Seq_Department = 1002 you would be pulling data for the HR Department.  So the SEQ_xxx field is the link to the table and then other fields use that reference to get their values. These are called virtual fields as they are not real fields but only there by reference (referenced via the foreign key) such as Department Name can be shown.



          2. No, you only use ActionResult, X when a record is being created in a prior step and is being referenced in a future step.  You need to use Seq.Ticket ID = Ticket.Ticket ID

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