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    can I limit categories by account

    Randy Powell

      I have different accounts that I am supporting (US, Mexico, Canada).  The categories that we support for them is different.


      When they go to self-service and select 'Open a Ticket' they all see the same category list.  Is there a way for me to limit the categories based on the Account of the person connecting/requesting?

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          Chhor Albert

          Hi Randy,


          I think there is way to do it.


          Step 1: On your category, tag them by your account. You can use for example the field abbrevation

          Step 2: Create a formula field on your category object, this field will comparare the "abbrevation" on the category and your user account. if it equals, your formula can return for the value "OK", if not " NOT OK"


          Step 3 : Create a look up filter on the category in your request definition, this look up filter will have the follwing condition "Formula field = OK".


          Here you go, you will have dynamic view on your category depending on the requester.




          Albert CHHOR

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            Randy Powell

            Is there a way to have a dynamic view on my category in the 'Open a Ticket' link in Self Service.  I could do it in a service request but how do I do it in the incident ticket entry?

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              Randy Powell

              This appears to work well.

              1) I added a custom field called Account. 

              2) I made the category a private object with sharing

              3) I define sharing roles where if the Account = X, then share with users with role X.

              - It took a series of sharing rules

              - I defined a rule that if the Account was blank, then it shared with Public group, all internal users


              Now my category tree only shows the categories that the user has access to (for incidents and default for all service requests).

              I need to make sure CRs and releases made using categories for users can still be shared to all IT people.

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                Randy Powell

                OK...I found the issue


                I tested this by updating the account in bulk (salesforce data loader) but when I add a new category, I do not know how to add that field to the RemedyForce screen Categories in the Admin section.


                Maintenance will likely become an issue. Maybe I have to use the abbreviation field?  I could probably use the parent tree but I can't seem to make that work.

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                  Anne Brock

                  You probably need to edit the record in the Standard view, not in Remedyforce administration. Open the Category tab directly (Use the + sign at the end of the list of tabs, find Category). If you  haven't added Account to the page layout, you'll need to do that.