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    how to check BPPM Database Name


      Hi Team,


      How can i check configured BPPM Sybase name and currently active DB Name. Please let me know ASAP. One of my team to configure Capacity Optimization with BPPM. He need the below details, how can check these details in BPPM central server.

      DB Name

      DB User

      DB Password

      Data Source Name

      Server IP/Name

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          Betty Neumann

          Hi Venkateswara Rao,


          The default values are:

          username: dba

          password: pronet

          DB name:  storm_<hostname>  (e.g.storm_clm-aus-sty7rw)

          port: 2638


          If you are using the standard Sybase database, the database would be installed on the BPPM Central server. Look for the storm_hostname log file on the system. If you do a search for storm_* you should find the log path. The default path is:

          C:\Program Files\BMC Software\ProactiveNet\pw\sybase


          Also, you can check the pronet.conf file on the BPPM Central server for some of the database details:

          C:\Program Files\BMC Software\ProactiveNet\pw\custom\conf\pronet.conf


          Contains parameter configuration details for the following parameters:


          pronet.api.database.systempassword= (this is an encrypted value so we cannot tell you what yours might be. Default is: pronet)



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            Arif Alibay

            system data source  :

            BPPM server uses JDBC to connect to the sybase database server.

            But from another system you can download  a ODBC Data source  for SQL Anywhere 16 such as  ASADemo or SybaseSQLAnywhere  and use it to connect to the DB server

            and try a connection test with odbcad32 utility  in Windows



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