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    Can we install a custom HTML snippet within Remedyforce?

    Dan Bontrager

      As our organization moves away from IE as our standard browser and toward Chrome, we have a need to direct users to use Chrome with Remedyforce.  We have a link on our intranet page where users launch Remedyforce using a 'my.salesforce.com' link.  When users click that link,  if they are not using Chrome, we want to message them that Chrome should be used.


      In taking with our internal digital/web folks, they directed us to a product called Site Intercept.  Site Intercept is a cloud-based application that serves visitor-specific messaging on a web site – the right message at the right time. Customized logic is set to determine when and where to present messaging to each individual user. Messages can be presented as a popup, banner, marquee, slider, etc.


      Site Intercept could be used to aid in directing Remedyforce users to use Chrome. A small HTML snippet would need to be installed on Remedyforce to enable the Site Intercept tool. From there, logic can be set to determine the user’s browser and trigger messaging to those using any browser besides Chrome. The messaging would inform the user to switch to Chrome to continue using Remedyforce.  Site Intercept can customize the trigger logic and message however we want.


      Does anyone know if we can install a custom HTML snippet within Remedyforce?  If so, how?  Thanks!