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    BMC AMI-DevOps for Db2 Beta Program Launch

    Tony Poole
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      The BMC AMI-DevOps for Db2 team are in the final stages of preparation for our upcoming introductory beta-program with a European retailer and an American Financial Services company starting in mid-March.


      Devops on the mainframe is seen by many as the solution that will allow mainframe operations to unleash the benefits of agile mainframe application development teams and therefore allow rapid and reliable deployment of Db2 application enhancements including the associated Db2 schema changes.


      BMC's AMI-DevOps for Db2 team are well-positioned to deliver on that promise as our DevOps solution is based on BMC's market leading Db2 schema change management product, Change Manager for Db2.

      Our own agile process will incorporate the customers feedback and respond to that in subsequent iterations.