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    BMC Helix Business Workflows 19.02 is Now Available

    John Weigand
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      BMC Software announces the 19.02 release of the BMC Helix Business Workflows product. BMC Helix Business Workflows is a modern case management solution that extends services for lines of business—including HR, facilities, and other groups—in a scalable, managed and automated way.

      BMC Helix Business Workflows version 19.02 highlights

      • Customizable case, task or knowledge lifecycle
        As a Case Business Analyst, define custom lifecycles for cases, tasks or knowledge articles by using the global lifecycle provided out of the box. Add new statuses and transitions, modify labels for existing statuses and define the flow of the case, task, or knowledge article to align with your organization's processes.
      • Shared library for attachments
        As a Documentation Manager, create a centralized document library to share commonly used documents. When agents attach a document from the library to a case, it ensures that the latest version of the document is added to the case and reduces the possibility of case agents using different versions of a document.
      • Reusable dynamic fields for additional case data
        As a case business analyst, create dynamic fields to request additional information for a case. To prompt for the additional information during case creation or task execution, add fields from the field library or directly in a case or task template. You can also leverage the use of dynamic fields in automated tasks.
      • Quickly copy and customize templates across companies
        Organizations can create a single template for common cases or tasks across companies, and then quickly copy and customize the template for a company if required, instead of creating a new template from scratch.
      • Automatic creation of cases based on email sent by users outside an organization
        Register trusted email or domain IDs in the email configuration to allow case creation via email. The trusted email is associated to a user in the Foundation data who is the requester for the case created for the trusted user.
      • Ability to define additional dynamic notification recipients (for approval)
        A case business analyst can add dynamic recipients for approvals and additional recipients for other notifications who might not be directly related to the case.


      BMC Helix Integration Service highlights

      • Additional API methods for connector development
        Connector developers can use the PATCH, PUT, and DELETE API methods to create action and trigger definitions in custom connectors.
      • Aggregation of system events
        The system events data is now kept for a period of the last seven days only. In Flow Timeline, records that are older than a week are displayed in the aggregated view and include all flow events for a day summarized in one record.


      NOTE: The BMC Helix Innovation Suite product is now renamed to BMC Helix Platform. The components of BMC Helix Platform such as BMC Helix Innovation Studio, Approval, and Assignment retain their names. The product name BMC Helix Innovation Suite will be replaced with BMC Helix Platform on all marketing, support, and documentation pages. If you have bookmarked these pages, you should update them with the new links.


      Getting version 19.02 of BMC Helix Business Workflows and BMC Helix Integration Service
      We will update BMC Helix Business Workflows and BMC Helix Integration Service to version 19.02 as specified in the release calendar. If you have any questions or experience issues after this update, you can raise a ticket with BMC Customer Support.


      Learning more about version 19.02 of BMC Helix Business Workflows and BMC Helix Integration Service
      For detailed information about BMC Helix Business Workflows enhancements in this release, see the 19.02 enhancements. For the list of issues that have been corrected, see Known and corrected issues.


      For detailed information about BMC Helix Integration Service enhancements in this release, see the release notes for BMC Helix Integration Service. For the list of issues that have been corrected, see Known and corrected issues.