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    Control-M and Truesight

    Marco Bellusci
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      Hi all

      We have "connected" Truesight and Control-M via snmp and are getting the alerts in Truesight, which then opens a Incident in Smart-IT.

      We would like to have a url/button in the Smart-IT Incident to the Control-M Job Ended NOK.

      The link could open the failed Job in the WLA, Control-M Web (SelfService) or in the WLA Archiving.


      How can I achiev this, if possible?


      Thanks a lot and regards


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          Hi Marco Bellusci


          I do not see WLA Achieving able to be instrumented by an in-context call due to the fact it is used store past runs Job information and the purpose of Control-M SNMP integraton with Truesight will only provide only active jobs related issues.


          I am not sure whether Control-M WLA/EM Client or Web interface will accept in-context calls to show Job Details due to authorization tokens or without coding. Tokens expires after 20 minutes.


          What I can suggest that will allow to get Control-M WLA job detailed information and perform Job node Actions from trap fields would be By leveraging the CTM Automation API as local NODEJS or Http rest api calls and enrich the ITSM Tool Incident Ticket.


          You can combine CONTROLM, ORDERID and RUN COUNTER from SNMP fields and replace jobid(<ctm>:<orderid>), runNo as an API call that will allow you to :


          1) Get Job Details

          a) ctm run jobs:status::get -s "jobid=<ctm>:<orderid>"

          b) curl -H "Authorization: Bearer $token" "$endpoint/run/jobs/status?jobid=<ctm>:<orderid"


          2) Get Job Log

          a) ctm run job:log::get "<ctm>:<orderid>"

          b) curl -H "Authorization: Bearer $token" "$endpoint/run/job/<ctm>:<orderid>/log"


          3) Get Job Output

          a) ctm run job:output::get "<ctm>:<orderid>" [runNo]

          b) curl -H "Authorization: Bearer $token" "$endpoint/run/job/<ctm>:<orderid>/output/?runNo=0"


          Hope that it helps you.





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