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    Database refresh / File Deployment / Centralized Configuration (v18.05)

    Thad Esser



      I'm doing my first database refresh (copy of prod db back to UAT) since upgrading to 18.05, and I have a couple of questions about updating records related to File Deployment.


      In the CCS, there are entries for "com.bmc.arsys.filedeployer", that have unique GUIDs for each component/server.  Updating the server name references in the database isn't an issue, but the related GUIDs are also stored in a file on the AR server itself, (...\ARSystem\monitor-ARServer-guid.properties).  When I start my UAT server for the first time after the database copy, it creates a new record in the CCS for "com.bmc.arsys.filedeployer" with the GUID from UAT.  So I end up with this:


      • ARServer_<servername1-UAT>_7319_AGGAA5V0FSHN2AP176GZP0KMWRDT4O
        • This is the record from prod where the server name was updated.  This GUID matches the equivalent record from prod.
      • ARServer_<servername1-UAT>_7319_AGGAA5V0FSWRWAPIXUTRPIBEUJEJ7V
        • This is the new record created on first startup of the UAT server.  This GUID is the one that is in the .properties file on the UAT AR Server.


      I'm thinking I just need to take the GUID from prod and update the monitor-ARServer-guid.properties file in UAT with it, and then clean out the extra record.  I imagine I'd only need to do that this one time, as it would already be set for future db refreshes.  And of course, make sure the records on "AR System Monitor" match.  This BMC blog, https://communities.bmc.com/docs/DOC-104488, advises against doing anything with this file. 


      So, is this the best way to handle the situation (syncing up GUIDs after a db refresh)? 




      Everything is 18.05, everything is Windows.