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    Remedy IT Service Management 19.02 is Now Available

    John Weigand
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      BMC Software announces the 19.02 release of Remedy IT Service Management Suite.

      The 19.02 release delivers some exciting new capabilities for Remedy. You can use the enhanced version of Remedy Smart Reporting to build much more powerful reports, analyze the results, and present them in an engaging way. You can experience further improvements to the Smart IT and the new CMDB interface. You can also utilize operations and security-related enhancements in the Remedy AR System platform and Remedy Single Sign-On. In addition, the 19.02 release continues to improve on Remedy product quality and performance.

      Remedy IT Service Management 19.02 highlights

      • Java 11 and OpenJDK support for Remedy ITSM Suite
        All components of the Remedy ITSM Suite now support Java 11 and OpenJDK. This enables you to stay on a free version of Java. Remedy ITSM Suite continues to support Java 8 and Oracle JRE.
      • Enhancements to the Remedy ITSM applications
        You can now easily define approval mapping rules that define different approvers based on article criteria, such as article template, language, region, site, owner company, owner group, or the internal use flag. Using a Machine Learning service integrated with Remedy, you can now automatically analyze incoming emails and auto-create work orders with the applicable work order template.

      Remedy AR System 19.02 highlights

      • Improved look and feel for Remedy Flashboards
        Remedy AR System enables you to render flashboards in HTML, which have an improved look and feel.
      • Multi-threaded archiving in the AR System server
        You can configure multiple threads to increase the throughput of the archive operation in the AR System server. This is helpful when you perform bulk archival of a large number of records.
      • Swagger specifications for BMC Remedy AR System REST APIs
        You can use the getField and getFields REST APIs to retrieve field metadata for a form. This helps in performing faster design level integrations. All the REST endpoints exposed by the Remedy AR System server are now documented by using Swagger specifications.

      Remedy Smart Reporting 19.02 highlights

      • Creating more powerful reports
        You can create more powerful reports by using an expanded set of AR JDBC functions. An Assisted Insight gives you proactive insights into the correlation of metrics.
      • Ability to present business metrics using Stories
        You can now communicate analytics results by using Stories.

      Smart IT 19.02 highlights

      • Support for swarming with Smart IT Chat
        You can use the Smart IT chat capability to interact with other IT users by using a new set of functions. This supports the swarming concept, which is a collaborative approach to ticket resolution.
      • Expanded support for Smart IT dynamic provider actions
        You can use the Smart IT dynamic provider actions, which are executed automatically based on certain conditions for change requests, work orders, and tasks.

      CMDB 19.02 highlights

      • Ability to perform write operations by using the new CMDB interface
        You can use the new CMDB UI to perform write operations on the CIs and on the service model (relationships) in CMDB.
      • Ability to archive CMDB data
        You can now remove obsolete data from production datasets in your CMDB, and archive them for future reference. This helps in improving performance, reducing overall footprint, and storing data.

      Remedy Single Sign-On 19.02 highlights

      • Ability to configure Remedy SSO agent and Remedy SSO server for applications hosted on different domains
        Applications hosted on different domains can use the same Remedy SSO server for authentication.
      • Enabling signed SAML metadata for security
        You can provide more security by providing access specifically to the issuing domain and by enabling signed SAML metadata.
      • Using Kerberos authentication for a pre-defined IP range
        You can authenticate requests coming from a set of predefined IP addresses by using the Kerberos authentication.

      Additional highlights

      • Ability to integrate Remedy ITSM with JIRA
        The BMC Helix Multi-Cloud Service Management DevOps Use Case enables you to easily integrate a Remedy ITSM system with a JIRA system, so that the Remedy work orders can automatically create a JIRA issue. The current Remedy records continue to be supported.

      Downloading and installing version 19.02 of BMC Remedy IT Service Management
      This feature release is available for download from the BMC Electronic Product Distribution (EPD) site.

      This 19.02 release continues to use deployment packages for the upgrade of Service Request Management, Service Level Management, and the other ITSM applications from version 18.05 or 18.08. The use of deployment packages makes the ITSM applications upgrade process faster and can enable zero-downtime upgrades in some scenarios. If you are upgrading to version 19.02 from earlier versions (for example, version 9.1), you must use the upgrade installers to upgrade to version 18.05 and then apply the deployment package. The upgrades of Remedy AR System, CMDB, Smart IT, and Remedy Single Sign-On continue to be done via installers, directly to version 19.02. For more information, see Remedy Deployment.

      Learning more about version 19.02 of BMC Remedy IT Service Management
      The Remedy 19.02 release includes many more product enhancements and fixes. For detailed information about the enhancements in this release and the list of issues that have been corrected, see the release notes for each component.


      BMC continues to invest in the containerization of Remedy, which today is available only as a part of BMC Helix ITSM (SaaS service), enabling you to use your cloud of choice (BMC Cloud, AWS, and soon MS Azure) for SaaS service delivery. For more information about BMC Helix, see https://www.bmc.com/helix.