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    How to redirect to short URL

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      So right now I have Footprints setup so our internal users can get to it. I am working on getting the outside world to access.


      It's Footprints 20.18.02 running on Server 2012

      Apache Tomcat 7.0.92



      Current internal URL is http://myservername:8080/footprints/servicedesk


      I want internal and external users to be able to type in support.mycompanyname.com and it takes them to the above link.


      I followed these instructions but still getting 404 errors or timeouts.


      How to integrate IIS and the FootPrints Service Core 12.XX - 20.XX Tomcat server


      I put a ticket in with support and their answer was to uninstall and re-install Footprints.


      Any link or a clear article on how to do this?