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    Remedyforce - call web service from INC form

    Robert Karin
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      We need to call web service from Incident form from remedyforce.

      So the scenario is this:

      1. Operator opens the form for creating new INC
      2. Operator select the Client, which automatically populates Last name
      3. In the background, the logic automatically picks up the value of the parameter „Last name“, calls webs service with this parameter, which retuns one string value („status“)
      4. The returned value „status“ is copied into a custom field „Status veze“
      5. This custom field is presented on the INC form, and operator immediately sees the current value of the field „Status veze“
      6. After pressing Save, this value is saved.


      Any hints and concrete pointers how to accomplish that? Alternatively, we might use a link or button that would call web service, but that is less desirable since they would have to press this button each time they open a new ticket...