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    ERROR (8753) Error while creating an entry on form UDM:ScheduleProcessor

    Ariel Manka



      I'm trying to create execution instance of a job UDM:Execution form and this operation fails with error:


      Error while creating an entry on form UDM:Execution


      (followed by stack trace)




      createEntry() FAILs in plugin: ARSYS.ARDBC.PENTAHO

      ERROR (8753): Error in plugin

      (followed by stack trace)


      This error corresponds to an entry in API log:

      +CE      ARCreateEntry -- schema UDM:Execution from Remedy User (protocol 18) at IP address xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx using RPC // :q:0.0s

      -CE             FAIL


      I have restarted diserver process but it didn't help.

      Any suggestions?





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