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    Remedyforce Chat Functionality : Is is possible to have multiple chat with end users

    Sneha Wakale

      Hi, Nikhil Deshpande, Virginia Leandro


      Right now, in Remedyforce chat, when staff member's chat status is set as available, the end user can start chatting with available staff member.


      Consider Staff A  and Staff B are there. and also I have two end users i.e EndCustomer1 and EndCustomer2.


      Now staff A and Staff B both are available for chat.

      When EndCustomer1 starts chatting with Staff A, the status of Staff A will become as busy.


      When EndCustomer2 wants to chat with available staff , Staff B's  name will get appear on Chat window.

      So, EndCustomer2 will start chatting with Staff B.



      Now, we want chat functionality like Staff A can chat with EndCustomer1 as well as with EndCustomer2.

      One Staff should able to chat with multiple end users.

      I just want to confirm that above required functionality is OOTB available or not in Remedyforce.

      We are looking for above functionality.




      Sneha Wakale