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    What is the No Hit Report?

    Kevin Read


      I am looking at the following documentation page and it references a "No Hit Report" but I am not able to find any further reference regarding this anywhere?

           Article in question: How RKM search works?

      Does anyone know what report this is talking about?

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          Andreas Mitterdorfer

          Perhaps the "No Search Results" report?

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            Marie Johnson

            Kevin, when you run into articles like this where the information isn’t accurate, plus a comment on the article and ask. 


            Everytime BMC Software does another version release, they copy the previous version’s docs pages into The newest release.  Then they will add, update and delete what the product team has documented.  The issue is little things sometimes get overlooked.  At one point, back in much earlier versions there was a report called this, I think it was in Crystal and then BSM Analytics.  the report showed searches that had no results, articles without keywords, and I believe articles that had no hits or usage But that was eventually moved to its own report.  Today, they may have moved that to Smart Reporting or renamed it.  There are two smart reports:

            Article Usage and Feedback SummaryThis reports shows number of times article opened for viewing and
            quality of articles  by feedback ratings.
            No Search Results for Knowledge ArticlesThis report shows details of searches that return no results for
            knowledge articles (for last 12 months).
            Use this report to identify knowledge gaps regarding missing
            content in Knowledge Management.


            check here: Out-of-the-box BMC Knowledge Management reports - Documentation for Remedy IT Service Management Suite 18.08 - BMC Docum…