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    Need help with Remedy 9.1.4 integration with BEM and/or TrueSight

    Jamal Marouf
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      Hi, First of all I hope I have not come to the wrong community again.

      The following was posted in Remedy AR system community :


      "We have upgraded our UAT form 8.1.01 201704242349Hotfix to 9.1.04.  All went well and the users were happy with the new version.  Part of the system is integrated with BEM version and that cased a problem upon integration as Remedy did not accept to register but 4 tickets and then an error in the error log was produced.  No error was noticed on the DB side or the OS side what so ever.  First 4 alerts are creating in Remedy and sending the response back to BEM. From 5th onwards Remedy is unable to send the response back to BEM. We’ve checked with DBA, they said that no issue from database side.

      Again when BEM service is restarted, they could send 4 alerts. 5th one starts with issue.


      Also note that it is working fine in production as the AR system there is 8.1


      I have attached a details of the problem above.  anyone have any ideas?"


      I got some good replies that led me to you community :


      Marie Johnson (to Jamal Marouf) 28 minutes ago

      What version is the OS your attachment says sun OS v5?  Compatibility matrix supports

      Oracle Solaris 11 64-Bit SPARC

      Oracle Solaris 10 64-Bit SPARC


      are you using BSR 3.5.01 to integrate event management and incident?

      did you upgrade ITSM and CMDB to 9.1.04 or just ARS?

      BMC Event and Impact Manager 7.4.x is out of support, did you get verification that this is compatibility with 9.1?  You may need to upgrade to 10.5 (truesight) as this is the listed lowest compatible version.


      how are you sending in events?


      fyi the error 91 is a connection issue with the protocol.


      you may have better workarounds asking this in the truesight communities since your version doesn’t appear to be supported.


      Now what I need to know is there any workaround to have AR system 9.1.4 talk to BEM? the reason for that is BEM cannot be upgraded now and it will take some time until the BEM support updates to Truesight.  So to take our upgrade to Remedy 9.1.4 to production we have to be able to have BEM successfully integrated with the AR system 9.1.4. 


      Open to all ideas even if it means I have to call my mother first !


      Thank you in advance.