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    Innovation Suite and Telemetry

    Virginia Leandro

      I have an instance of Innovation Suite.  I am following this documentation ( Measuring the cognitive service consumption - Documentation for BMC Helix Innovation Suite 18.08 - BMC Documentation  ), "To configure thresholds and email notifications for cognitive service usages". 


      Based on the documentation, I'm setting the following:


      Number of Conversations: 500

      Threshold 1: 50

      Threshold 2: 75

      Threshold 3: 90


      I've selected my recipient to receive the given notifications.


      When I click Save, I get the following error:


      ERROR (6700): Telemetry Framework Error: Telemetry service configuration error. Hence can not proceed.



      Any idea what I'm missing?


      Virginia Leandro

      Remedyforce Product Manager