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    2018 email Monitor failed again.

    James Wild
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      So, Friday (22 Feb 2019) email monitor starts creating multiple tickets for any emails that landed in our monitored mailbox. Looks like every 60 seconds a ticket was created, which was blank except for the ticket summery, which is taken from the email subject line.

      No other details in the ticket, and the body of the email was not added in to a technician note as usual.

      These blank tickets were just duplicated endlessly, so I had to stop the email monitor and kill the service too.

      We ended up with hundreds and hundreds of these blank tickets. Even after turning of the email monitor, they still were generated over the weekend. Eventually they stopped in the early hours of this morning.

      Today I have deleted these hundreds of tickets, deleted everything from the actual mailbox, rebooted the server, restarted the Trackit services, restarted the email monitor, and.....nothing.


      now the email monitor is not creating any tickets at all.


      I can see the emails dropping in to the mailbox inbox, and then I can see them being read and moved to the TrackitProcessedEmail folder.

      But nothing is being created in TrackIt! Helpdesk.


      Has anyone else experienced this problem?


      No changes were manually made to the Trackit Server on Thursday or Friday, BUT, I see that 2019-02 Cumulative Update for Windows Server 2016 for x64-based Systems (KB4487026) saw installed on Friday22nd. Could that be the problem?

      If so I would expect others to be experiencing this also.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.







      EDIT: I have just popped back on to the server and looked at the services, and the Trackit Job Processor - TrackitBR is stopped. I restart it, the check it and it is stopped again! So I can't start it and keep it running.

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          Cris Coffey

          That is really strange. Please contact support so someone on our side can help look into this for you.

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            Erle Machate

            I have the same issue.

            when was the last time your trackit system check for update? Mine was 22nd of Feb. that the only activity that i can think off that could link to this issue.


            Our server doesn't do automatic windows update.

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              James Wild


              I'm not sure our Trackit does check for updates. How can you tell?

              I have noticed that in Configuration - Product updates, the "Check For Updates" button is always greyed out. Has been from day 1.


              I uninstalled the Windows update that was installed but that didn't fix it.


              I am going to raise a ticket with BMC directly as Chris suggested above, Ours is still creating duplicate tickets from jobs logged last week.


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                Cris Coffey

                The check for updates feature is not complete yet. It is tentatively targeted for our 2019.02 release this spring. I would definitely create a ticket so support can look at the logs and figure out what’s going on because that is very weird.

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                  James Wild

                  So just had some really great support form Shreyas at BMC.

                  Looking at the Business Rule Event viewer, We noticed that there were over 15000 entries,  which was causing a business rule to run in a loop.
                  We cleared the dbo.NAMSYSJOBQUEUE table in the Trackit database, and then tested by sending a new email to the Trackit monitored mailbox.

                  this looks to have solved the problem, as everything is working fine so far. We are going to monitor it, but I think it's solved.

                  not sure why there were 15000+ entries though. My suspicion is this was an error sometime back and it's been building and building until it reached breaking point.


                  Anyway, Shreyas has saved us again