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    Appvisibility Manager 10.7 :differences between synthetic metric rules and global SLA threshold

    Chao Liu
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      what is differences between synthetic metric rules and global SLA threshold?

      1.as follow shows,if I disable synthetic SLA ,the threshold in global SLA in configuration--application will not work,right?

      also if I active SMR and enable synthetic SLA both,which one will work?If SMR will override the synthetic SLA threshold?


      2.SMR and synthetic SLA is only for synthetic monitoring ,right?if so ,how to set thresholds for auto-discovered applications ?and if I disable synthetic SLA in SMR,if the events for   auto-discovered applications  will not be generated ,too?how to disable events for auto-discovered applications?


      3.what is application context event configuration in administration--integration for?if I chear the activation,what will happen?