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    FTS search issue in CaseHR

    Pratik kp
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      Hello Everyone,


      Greetings to all!


      This time I have query for FTS in case HR application.


      All the searches related to FTS are working fine but CASE-HR is not returning one of Solution article record in search results e.g if Solution article title is

      "Employee Payroll Process" then it does not returns that solution article when I do a search with a word either Employee or process or payroll as a search keyword.

      However,this search with earlier mentioned words does returns other Solution articles which have words like Employee or process or payroll but not the problematic article.


      I have tried following workaround but none of it have fixed this issue ->

      1. Re-indexing that record
      2. Increasing FTS threshold till 60K
      3. In API+SQL logs I could see that a temporary table is getting created and also a corresponding SQL query which is triggered by FTS search is also correct.


      Can someone please help me understand how I can investigate this issue?


      AR version is 9.1.x and there are two AR servers in a group one is indexer and the other is a searcher.


      Thank you.