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    Track-It barcode solution

    Steve Smith

      We are currently using Track-It and using the barcode solution. Since we are preparing to purchase new scanners (ours are 12 years old), I am curious if we upgrade to Track-It 2018 will anything change with the barcode solution and scanners?

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          Eric Liszt

          Hi Steve,


          I'm really glad you decided to post here prior to spending a ton of money on overpriced scanners.  :-) 


          In Track-It! 2018 we are in the process of transitioning away from dedicated scanners and instead to using standard iOS and Android devices.   We are doing this to provide a more modern interface and to dramatically reduce the cost of scanners for our customers.


          This functionality is still in the process of being developed.  The first step will be delivery of our iOS and Android apps with functionality for managing help desk tickets.  This code is the basis for all the mobile functionality moving forward.  We'll have a beta of this ready shortly.  Once the base mobile app is ready, we'll then build the new barcode scanning functionality on top of that.app.


          As mentioned earlier, we are just about to release the beta of the base app with helpdesk functionality.  Once that's out, our development team will then begin developing the new barcode functionality.  As such, I'd suggest you join the Track-It! Developers Circle program in order to see this app as we build it out and to provide feedback to the developers.


          Cris Coffey, is there anything more you would add?

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            Cris Coffey

            I would also just add that if you want to use barcode with Track-It! 11.4 now, you can use the Track-It! Barcode Android app with an inexpensive Android device instead of buying expensive scanners. Track-It! 2019 will add Android and iOS support for barcode but as Eric mentioned, that is still in development at the moment.

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