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    How to create a work order via escalation with the use of a WO template (or really, how to automatically create a work order every day with the use of a WO template)?

    Andrew Turner

      We are trying to build workflow to automatically create a Work Order daily, and require the use of a WO template (specifically for the many related tasks).


      Immediately, I thought it would be a simple operation to create an escalation that essentially either pushes (or sets?) the values to the required fields on WOI:WorkOrderInterface_Create. there would be no qualification, except for the date/time frequency.


      When I manually create a record using the WOI:WorkOrderInterface_Create form, I have only required the following field values to successfully create a Work Order:



      First Name = "Joe"

      Last Name = "Unser"


      z1d_Action  = "CREATE"


      So, when creating the PUSH (or SET -- I have tried both) action in the escalation, I have used the same fields and values.


      It never works... I am clearly missing something here. I have tried without a template as well, but failed (and I used all of the same required fields in addition to what the template would have provided, i.e. the same minimal information necessary to manually create a WO via the WOI:WorkOrderInterface_Create form). There must be something that I need to do to trigger the same filters associated with manually updating the Woi:WorkOrderInterface_Create form, but I am not sure what to do...


      I am hoping there is a simple solution here, considering the request shouldn't be a tall order. Maybe I am going about this all wrong? Please help!


      We are using Remedy ITSM 9.1.4


      Thanks in advance!

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