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    Approval process NO_APPLICABLE_PROCESS error

    Vandana Rattan

      We had set an approval process for Hardware service requests which was working perfectly fine. Now I have to make amendments to the Entry Criteria to submit only particular hardware requests (criteria based on a text in text area field) for approval. I have made changes to the Entry Criteria as:


      BMCServiceDesk__Category_ID__c = 'Hardware' && BMCServiceDesk__Type__c = 'Service Request' && ( OR(CONTAINS(BMCServiceDesk__incidentDescription__c, 'AAA'), CONTAINS(BMCServiceDesk__incidentDescription__c, 'BBB'), CONTAINS(BMCServiceDesk__incidentDescription__c, 'CCC') ) )


      Now the scenarios where SR should not be submitted for approval have an action history entry listed with below error:




      Edit | Del00001389_0 Process Execution Failure20/02/2019 12:07 PM The execution of an approval process has failed. Verify the approval processes to run successfully and resubmit the record for approval manually. The Service Request Definition templates will be executed after the service request is approved. Process failed. First exception on row 0; first error: NO_APPLICABLE_PROCESS, No applicable approval process was found.: []


      Kindly suggest. I want only the Hardware requests with BMCServiceDesk__incidentDescription__c containing text "AAA" or "BBB" or "CCC" to be submitted for approval. Others should not be submitted and should not have any error listed as above.