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    Smart IT, Timestamp not shown in 24h format in IE and none ENG locale

    Jerker Billberg

      Dear all,


      In version 18.05 & 18.08 of Smart IT, timestamps are not displayed in 24h format when using IE in combination of none ENG locale.

      Bmc claims it is fixed in 19.02.

      We have tried to get a hotfix for it but so far there is none available.


      A year or two ago, a "fix" was kindly offered here on the community (edit a css file I think it was), so Smart IT displays 24h format instead of "social / relative" format.

      I have unfortunately lost the link to the fix. But consider the changes in Smart IT file structure sins then I guess it is history anyway.


      Is there anyone out there who has managed to display timestamp in 24 format in 18.05 or 18.08 using IE and none ENG locale ?


      Even IF it is solved in 19.02, upgrading can from a cost perspective not be motivated.