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    Can Control-M encrypt passwords and then pass them on command line unencrypted at run time?

    Reidar Jorgensen

      I know this question has been asked before, but the answer given was not relevant to my situation (I'm not trying to call web services).


      I have a Control-M schedule that runs an OS job using an Agent on a remote server.  That job accesses a DB2 database, and it needs a userid and password to do so.


      I need Control-M to store that encrypted password on the Control-M server, and pass it unencrypted to the Agent to run the job.


      Or, does the Agent store the encrypted password and access it at runtime?


      It's Control-M Version 9, running under Windows.


      I hope that's a clear explanation, but I can provide more detail if you think you can help.


      How can I make this happen?