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    Description field questions

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      On my form I have the description field

      When I create a brand new ticket it only shows the "Description" field and the blank space to put in a new description.

      When I edit that same ticket, it shows the Description field and a blank space to put a new description and also shows the "Description History" below it with all previous descriptions.


      Question 1 - How can I put the "Description History" above the new blank Description field?

      Question 2 - Where is the Description History data stored and can it be accesses on the form by attribute or some other way? Basically I want a text box like the Description History.

      Question 3 - Can you hide the Description History from the form if you have the Description field on the form?

      Question 4 - Can you make a button or link on the screen that would "Maximize" the Description History field (just like hitting the maximize button on the Description History).

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          Nicolas Roome



          Q1: you cannot. Description history is not a field. Rather it is part of the description field because it is a journalized field. Same as if you created your own field and made it journalized.


          Q2: in the database, say your item in question is stored in fpdb001_ws_001.incident  .. then the journalized entries are in fpdb001_ws_001.item_field_journal (going from memory here since I'm not at my computer). The trick here is this table stores all journalized entries for all journalized fields for all items within that container. You'll have to decipher the IDs using either the defn or defn_ver tables.


          Q3: no. Since they are the same field.


          Q4: no. You have to use the button that is part of the field.

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            VINCE RINNER

            Well all those questions were mostly a bust!  Thanks for the detailed explanation.