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    Not able to Telnet but discoverable

    Rajesh G

      Hi Everyone,


      We have one question, we have some of the windows servers are discovered but when we check telnet its not able to connect from ADDM Appliance to Target windows servers via port 135, 139 and 445. We have even tried credential test from UI it shows as Failure, but when we test telnet from Proxy server we are able to Connect.


      Please let me know how they are communicating each other when the telnet is failed and credential test failed.


      From Appliance:

      [tideway@servername ~]$ telnet 10.13.x.x 135

      Trying 10.13.x.x...

      telnet: connect to address 10.13.x.x: Connection timed out

      telnet: Unable to connect to remote host: Connection timed out


      From Credential Test: