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    Shared Presentation server

    Oludare Ogunmadewa

      Is it possible to share TSOM and TSCO presentation server in the interest of server footprint?

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          Oliver Biermann

          yes, Presentation Server is the frontend console for many products of the BMC TrueSight product family, like TSCO, TSIM, ITDA, AppVisibility, etc.

          Just add them in the menu under administration - components. Each product also brings its own rules, so for example you can have users who can just see Capacity Optimization, other that can only access Infrastructure Management / Monitoring and some that can access both.

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            Oludare Ogunmadewa

            Thanks Oliver. So the front end allows for sharing but backend installations will be on separate VM or physical servers?

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              Oliver Biermann

              Hi Olundare,

              sorry for the delay. Under normal circumstances you would install one presentation server (or a pair in case of high availability requirements) and one Remedy Single Sign On (RSSO) Server for user authentication on a VM or physical server (you can install presentation server and RSSO on one server - typical for test environments - or on two separate servers) and then each product (backend installation) on separate VMs or physical servers. In you example you would install the presentation server (and RSSO) on one VM/server, Capacity Optimization Application Server / ETL Engine on another VM/server and TrueSight Infrastructure Management (Monitoring) on a third VM/server. Admin users could see all information from TSCO and TSIM in the presentation server, but you could also restrict users (in Authorization Profiles in the presentation server) to see only the things they are supposed to see (for example only Capacity Views, or only Monitoring stuff).


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