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    How to do Application-Release-Pending (or is it still working in AR Server 201811180228)?

    Misi Mladoniczky



      I have a multi-tier parent/child relationship situation, where the leaves can have more than one parent.


      And I need each parents to be able to count the underlying tiers divided into different Statuses (New, WIP or Closed).


      I want to do this within a single transaction using Filters, triggered by the end-leaf being has a change of Status ('Status' != 'DB.Status')


      This might be a little more info than you need to answer my question, but it should be a typical situation where it should be OK to use the Run Process: Application-Release-Pending functionality.


      My idea was to do the following, to make sure the child data was committed to the DB before the parent filters were executed. But maybe I am misunderstanding, or maybe the Application-Release-Pending does not really work any more...


      Child Filter:

        Run If: ('Status' != 'DB.Status')


           Run-Process: Application-Release-Pending

             <here I was expecting the change in this Child record to be committed to the DB>

           Push-Fields: to Parent

             Count Status of Children = "Yes"


      Parent Filter:

        Run If: ('Count Status of Children' = "Yes")


            <count the children in each status based on the values in the DB>


      I tried this, but the Application-Release-Pending does not seem to do anything. All the UPDATE operations are still performed at the end of the API-call ARSetEntry, meaning that I do not have access to the updated values in the database.


      Or maybe I am just doing this in the wrong way...


               Best Regards - Misi, RRR AB, http://rrr.se

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