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    Digital Workplace Advanced - Service Catalog - "Date" Question appearing in MM/DD/YYYY

    Ajay Paul



      Does anyone know how to change the "Date" format?


      When we add a question into Service Broker, the date field is appearing in the USA format. MM/DD/YYYY

      We would like to change this to UK format DD/MM/YYYY


      The Service Catalog is installed on CENTOS, the server clock is set to "en_GB.UTF.-8"

      We have logged into the Remedy Instance on the "Service Broker" server and can clearly see that it assumes the Server clock is in the USA format of MM/DD/YYYY




      We have found in the "arsystem,sh" that there is a reference to "en_US.UTF-8" which we changed and then restarted all services but that did not make any difference.


      Any pointers will be appreciated.