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    WMI query function

    Viktor Marinov

      Hello Andrew Waters,


      with WMI query function we can get info like this:


                  wmiQuery := "SELECT Version FROM cim_datafile where name='%cmd_line%'";

                  log.debug("wmiQuery is: %wmiQuery%");

                  wmi_results := discovery.wmiQuery(host, wmiQuery, wmiNS);


      Can we also use WMI functions?


      The target is to get permissions for Windows shares and according MS docs Win32_Share.GetAccessMask call give the info and should be used like:


      Set objShare = objWMIService.Get("Win32_Share.Name='TestShare'")

      Return = objShare.GetAccessMask

      WScript.Echo Return



      With ADDM function we can get only attribute values, am I right?

      If yes do you know any other way getting the permissions with on-board functions?




      Very best regrads and thank you in advance!