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    Mapping error in extenstion 'vm_rel' not set for VirtualSystemEnabler

    Bernard Stern

      Hello Experts


      Since the rollout of the latest TKU 2019-01-3, we have noticed many errors like



      We are running ADDM version


      Name        : tideway

      Version     :

      Release     : 753624.centos7.ga

      Architecture: x86_64


      In the tw_svc_cmdbsync_transformer.log, we are seeing line like


      W28-140674573854528: 2019-02-14 04:09:01,007: cmdb_sync.interpreter: ERROR: Mapping error in extension 'CMDB.SoftwareInstance_VirtualSystemEnabler.VirtualMachine_VirtualSystemEnabler': CMDB.SoftwareInstance_VirtualSystemEnabler.VirtualMachine_VirtualSystemEnabler:62: 'vm_rel' not set


      For this module, we have an overrides syncmapping module that removes the impact. This used to work with the previous TKU 2018-12-1.



          Source          := vse,

          Destination     := contained_cs,

          // Impacted := contained_cs,

          Name            := "VIRTUALSYSTEMOS"



      In the CMDB, the relations between the ESX server, the VM and the relations between the VM and the host

      are gone. The class BMC.CORE:BMC_VirtualSystemEnabler is empty in CMDB ADDM dataset.


      Is this a known problem? Any idea what is going berserk at out site?