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    Can I run a calculation on the column totals at the bottom of a report?

    Jeffrey Kostich Jr

      Is there a way to run a function against the column totals displayed at the bottom?


      I have 3 columns: first contact resolution (multiple rows for each analyst), total # of incidents (per person) and then a calculated field that runs the percentage of the first two columns against each other.


      I have the 2 columns' sums displayed at the bottom, but the third column shows the average of all the FCR percentages of each person. I want to instead find the average FCR by calculating the first column divided by the second one, then displaying that as a percentage. Normally this is an advanced function, but I'm not sure how to do it to column totals.


      After applying and displaying column totals, is there a way to use those numbers in a function?

      Thank you!


      My report example below