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    Smart Reporting Question

    Majd Alsadi
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      Hello all,


      I create a new report from Smart Reporting that shows the desktop information and how many desktops in the environment , now i want on the same report to add the ip address column for each desktop.


      Can anyone provide me some steps and suggestions how to do it??


      Thank you very much...

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          Stefan Hall

          Depends on what your view looks like. Assuming your report is based on BMC_BaseElement then you need to add the IP address form BMC_IPEndpoint to the view. For the relationship between them BMC_BaseRelationship is still missing.

          Then you connect the forms via the ReconIDs, i.e. Recon from BaseElement with SourceRecon in BaseRelationship and analogously for the IP with destinationRecon. Done

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            Majd Alsadi

            I'm using a copy of Asset details report and this copy of the report contains the PC Desktop information, i just want to add the IP Address column to the report for each PC Desktop, And the  view is an existing view from BMC Smart Reporting


            Below screen shot of the view:


            Asset Detail.png


            Should i create a new view ?? any suggestions please.


            Thank you very much

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              Stefan Hall

              I don't have a system at hand right now and don't know the view completely. It depends on which forms are still inside. I mean the right and lower part, which I can't see on your picture.

              If it contains IPEndpoint, you can continue working with this view.

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                Majd Alsadi

                I create a new view that contain the forms that you mentioned above, can you provide me the relations between tables?? (like inner join , outer join , etc)

                The report is working and bringing the desktop information with IP Address , but some desktop devices have many IP Addresses, how to bring the last IP Address for each Desktop


                Thank you very much...